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Respect your users' privacy, security and peace of mind.

Use the Kno API to protect your web applications with secure passwordless authentication.

Or try One Click Sign-in.

Superior customer experience

No more passwords. That's a weight off their mind, and yours.

Rapid development

Get started in under 10 minutes with our secure integration.

Improved security

Eliminate passwords and eliminate a whole class of attacks.

Your customers are expecting better.

The average user already has nearly 100 passwords. Do they want to remember yours as well?

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Web based, one click access

With one click access your users can sign-in instantly. No app required.

Users already on Kno can create an account with a single click. Reducing friction, and improving conversion.

Try it yourself at

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Privacy by default

Anonymous personas are automatically generated for each user, for each application.

Applications can choose to rely on only anonymous data, dramatically simplifying data protection requirements.

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Quick development

Get set up in just 10 minutes using Kno Now, a drop-in client integration.

Kno was made with developer productivity in mind.

Getting started guide

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Grow with us

We are always refining. Use Kno and depend upon a robust modern authentication flow.

Let us manage the nitty gritty so you never have to.

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New user or new device?

No trouble, we can offer the right fallback process.

Kno offers an email flow fallback using magic links. Or use the QR scan for secure authentication via an existing device.

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Enhanced device security

Kno verifies the digital signature of each device. Use our trusted devices API to:

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29 Per month
  • 1,000* users
  • One Click Sign in
  • Instant account creation
  • Email backup auth


119 Per month
  • 10K* users
  • 10 sites
  • Custom branding
  • Action confirmation


Contact us for pricing.

  • Enhanced device security
  • Invite links
  • Growth metrics
  • SLA

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We run this community to discuss all topics relating to our passwordless future.

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